Enrico Barocci is Genoa based documentary / street photographer.

Member of the Collective Italian Street Photography since 2015, his work focuses mainly on document people in the urban environments .

enrico-barocci-portraitEnrico Barocci was born in the late 70s in Genoa and was carried away by photography some time after holding an old Praktica tightly with his hands. Animals, flowers and landscapes quickly gave space to human nature and people’s reaction in given situations.

I love shooting street photography in black and white with my old film camera

Genova, Italy - 2015

but I am curious too and sometimes I need to test myself with color

Sisters at Maeklong market

Challenge himself seeing poetry through his vision. This is what keeps him motivated, wandering around and taking pictures… everywhere.

Member of the Collective Italian Street Photography since 2015.

2016 – Stop At Nothing, Group Art Show – San Diego, Us
2016 – ISP, Mutamenti, FIOF Convention  – Orvieto, Italy
2015 – Collective Exhibition ISP, Trieste Photo Days – Trieste, Italy
2013 – International Group Exhibition for URBAN 2013 – Krakow, Poland

2016 – Italian Street Photography – la Fotografia di strada in Italia – Vol.1

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