The Italians – La Fotografia di Strada in Italia


The Italians – Street Photography in Italy” is an editorial project of Street Photography produced by ISP – Italian Street Photography is conceived by Angelo Cucchetto and curated by Benedetta Donato.

For The Italians we thought about focusing on people. What happens to people in terms of actions and situations; what Italians as people are carriers of vices, virtues and attitudes.


Italy is at the same time a sublime, exasperating, fascinating and puzzling country

In this way John Hooper, a British journalist and writer, correspondent for The Economist and The Guardian in Italy write about our country in his book that has become a best seller and from which we have taken inspiration for the title and the outline.

Contemporary Italy and the character of Italians are told by investigating what lies behind stereotypes. From religion to food, from the ceremonies that mark extraordinary events of existence to daily moments of life marked by small episodes in which people are the leading actors, in this book the Italians appear in all their contradictions, specificities, habits and paradoxes.

The title chosen for the project also recalls one of the foundations of the history of photography and is represented by a huge work called The Americans, shot by Robert Frank. This work, on the other side of the American dream, was showing a different country from the popular idea spread until then and was offering, for the first time, a version of America that no one would have ever expected to see. Far from attempting to replicate such experience, our project, on the other hand, wants to show in an ironic, surreal and paradoxical way the other face of our fellow countryman and all the situations that they put in place or in which they are involved.

Following Hooper’s idea, ISP photographers have been asked to create compelling pictures based on their own interpretation, habits, paradoxes, characteristics, behaviors taken on during the situations in which they were witness.

The scope within which the photographers acted is The Street Photography. Each photographer has produced a set of images that tells different behavioral situations that can be considered characteristics for their uniqueness, peculiarity, irony, ability to arouse wonder and arouse curiosity.

An Italy saw in a different way, focused on people, which has been told through the eyes of photographers that were able to debunk or emphasize all the cliché, habits, characteristics that intrigue and arouse our curiosity.


Situations, scenes from everyday life that represent particular moments which the author is free to enjoy. Streets, courtyards, museums, clubs and public offices, crowded places.


Enrico Barocci – Michele Battilomo – Gustavo Boemi – Adriano Cascio – Ciro Cortellessa – Francesca Fabiano – Lorenzo Fasola – Giorgio Galimberti – Giuseppe Pons – Andrea Scirè – Maurizio Targhetta